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Founded in 1998, CCLA is a non-profit organization devoted to promoting educational, recreational and competitive lacrosse activities for elementary & middle school boys in Southeastern Pennsylvania.
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Tryouts for the 12U & 14U CCLA All-Star teams were held on Friday,...
CCLA adheres to the NFHS (National Federation of State High School...
The 2018 CCLA schedules for 10S/10F/12A/12B/12C/14A/14B travel...
CCLA is adopting some major changes for the 10U (formerly U11) division...
At its June 2017 meeting, the CCLA Board of Directors voted to adopt...

Tryouts for the 12U & 14U CCLA All-Star teams were held on Friday, April 20.  The following players were selected to represent our league in the CCLA All-Star Celebration Games to be held on Friday, May 18 at Kelly Field ... the 12U All-Stars will face off at 6:00pm (Navy vs. Syracuse), and the 14U All-Stars will go at 7:30pm (Princeton vs. Hopkins) ... rain date is June 8.  Congratulations to all!

7 A Luke Fiorillo 12U Navy
11 A Eric Macmillan 12U Navy
12 A Blake Walther 12U Navy
22 A Jack Sucher 12U Navy
72 D Jack Lehman 12U Navy
73 D Conall Maguire 12U Navy
76 D Kyle Worsnup 12U Navy
79 D Evan McFarland 12U Navy
83 D Colton Loughin 12U Navy
84 D Tyler Frampton 12U Navy
95 G Dylan Dougherty 12U Navy
98 G Cameron Taylor 12U Navy
48 M Clifford Dorf 12U Navy
52 M Luca Pompeii 12U Navy
57 M Paxson Warnock 12U Navy
59 M Seamus Murphy 12U Navy
63 M Justin Daubert 12U Navy
64 M Keegan Nash 12U Navy
67 M Kody Parente 12U Navy
69 M Teague Murray 12U Navy
1 A Ryan Traynor 12U Syracuse
15 A Joshua Cox 12U Syracuse
20 A Owen Mears 12U Syracuse
21 A Kevin Dolan 12U Syracuse
74 D Trevor Barbadora 12U Syracuse
75 D Connor Cross 12U Syracuse
77 D Jack Carroll 12U Syracuse
81 D Corrado Ditoro 12U Syracuse
82 D Chris Cobb 12U Syracuse
85 D Will Gillin 12U Syracuse
96 G Colby Weaver 12U Syracuse
97 G Evan Milon 12U Syracuse
43 M Gabe Dellapenna 12U Syracuse
49 M Jake McMahon 12U Syracuse
50 M Conor Sweeney 12U Syracuse
51 M Logan Turley 12U Syracuse
56 M Drew Marker 12U Syracuse
60 M Brady O'Kane 12U Syracuse
62 M Jake Bickel 12U Syracuse
66 M Logan Goodwin 12U Syracuse
1 A Dylan McMahon 14U Princeton
2 A Kaleb Russell 14U Princeton
10 A Brian Ciarlone 14U Princeton
11 A Chase Kelly 14U Princeton
64 D David Hoffmann 14U Princeton
65 D Conor Udovich 14U Princeton
66 D Liam Quinn 14U Princeton
78 D Christopher Datz 14U Princeton
84 D Drew Lanius 14U Princeton
85 D Toby Murphy 14U Princeton
94 G Eric Hrabal 14U Princeton
95 G Joey Doherty 14U Princeton
35 M Aiden Murray 14U Princeton
36 M Daniel Siaton 14U Princeton
38 M Michael Straub 14U Princeton
44 M Max Busenkell 14U Princeton
52 M Sam Malloy 14U Princeton
53 M Tristan Whitaker 14U Princeton
55 M Corey Urso 14U Princeton
57 M Patick Reilly 14U Princeton
7 A Liam Timmons 14U Hopkins
17 A Joey Halloran 14U Hopkins
18 A Ryan Nealon 14U Hopkins
20 A Kevin Nowoswiat 14U Hopkins
62 D Patrick Obal 14U Hopkins
70 D Jackson Chiappa 14U Hopkins
80 D Matthew McCarthy 14U Hopkins
82 D Sean Gallagher 14U Hopkins
86 D Kevin O'Brien 14U Hopkins
87 D Will Preston 14U Hopkins
96 G Griffin Umstead 14U Hopkins
97 G Alex Hammond 14U Hopkins
37 M Andy Talone 14U Hopkins
39 M Kevin Lundmark 14U Hopkins
48 M Sean Malone 14U Hopkins
51 M Joseph Sheridan 14U Hopkins
54 M Peter Detwiler 14U Hopkins
56 M Shane Reynolds 14U Hopkins
59 M Tom Hamm 14U Hopkins
63 M Bo Horvath 14U Hopkins

by posted 04/21/2018

CCLA adheres to the NFHS (National Federation of State High School Associations) rules for boys lacrosse with certain exceptions, modifications, clarifications and points of emphasis.  The CCLA rules you see posted on this web site outline those exceptions, modifications, clarifications and points of emphasis … and assume the reader is familiar with the fundamentals of NFHS rules.

Each year, some of those NFHS rules change.  Below is a short summary of the important changes for 2018. 

Change in requirement to "keep it in" after a flag

When there is a defensive foul in the offensive teams’ attack box, the offensive team is no longer required to keep the ball in the box.  However, if the ball does hit the ground, the play gets killed and the penalty time starts as in the past.

Shots at the end of a period

As long as the ball is out of the shooter's stick before the end of a period/game horn goes off, the ball will be allowed to come to its natural conclusion, UNLESS the ball hits another offensive player on its way to the goal, after the horn has sounded.  Otherwise, the ball can hit the ground, the goalie or the goal, after the horn has sounded, and if in its natural course, ends up in the goal, the goal counts.

Bull dodging

There has been a change in this rule.  A bull dodge can now be one of two things … legal or illegal.

Legal: With the offensive player's head up, and with two hands on his stick, the offensive player may make some contact to a defensive player who is attempting to block his forward motion, providing that the defensive player is moving as well and the pressure is deemed equal by the referee.  This is going to be a judgement call by the referee on what he sees as equal pressure. 

Illegal:  If the offensive player lowers his head and makes contact using his head, it will be called spearing and carries a minimum of a 2 minute, non-releasable penalty.  If the defensive player is standing still, and the offensive player makes forceful contact it will be called unnecessary roughness, carrying a 1 minute releasable penalty.  Even if the defensive player is moving, if the offensive player attempts to run through the middle of his chest, it will be called as unnecessary roughness.

by posted 03/31/2018

The 2018 CCLA schedules for 10S/10F/12A/12B/12C/14A/14B travel teams are now posted.

If you don't see your games listed, click on the "filter" bar and set it for "future games."  Ask your coach or program administrator if you are unsure of your team's name.

For 10S, we have published a schedule for the first 3 Sundays.  The remainder of the schedule will be posted in late April.  10S teams will play only on Sundays, generally in 4-team round robin tournaments, starting April 8.  At each tournament, each participating team will play 3 back-to-back 40 minute 7 v. 7 games on a small field. 10S teams will play in as many as 7 of these Sunday tournaments during the season (each program dictates how many tournaments their teams choose to play in).

Any games rained out during the season will likely be made up on Fridays or Sundays.

We are aware that some of these games require significant travel.  An effort is made to schedule those match-ups on weekends.


by posted 03/07/2018

CCLA is adopting some major changes for the 10U (formerly U11) division in 2018.

The 10U level will have two subdivisions:

"10F" teams will play 10 v. 10 on a full field with the same rules used for U11 last season.  These boys will play a 10 game regular travel season schedule as before, with games generally scheduled on Wednesdays and Saturdays.  As before, we will do our best to schedule the longer distance games on Saturdays.  This subdivision is for experienced players.

"10S" teams will play 7 v. 7 on a short field with special tournament rules.  These boys will play in Sunday afternoon round-robin tournaments, during which they will play 3 back-to-back games (20 minute running time halves).  This new format has been designed for young players with two primary objectives: to have fun, and to learn the basics of lacrosse by maximizing touches!  Our hope is they leave each tournament exhausted with a smile on their face!  

It is up to each member program how many 10F and 10S teams they will field.  10F teams will be obligated to play the full 10 game regular season schedule.  Before the season begins, each 10S team will declare how many of the 7 Sunday afternoon tournaments they wish to commit to.


by posted 01/15/2018

At its June 2017 meeting, the CCLA Board of Directors voted to adopt the new US Lacrosse youth age brackets beginning with the Spring 2018 season.

Accordingly, the sole determinant of the Spring 2018 CCLA travel division a boy will play in is his AGE ON AUGUST 31, 2017.

  • If he is 8 or 9 on that day, he is in the “10U” division
  • If he is 10 or 11 on that day, he is in the “12U” division
  • If he is 12 or 13 on that day, or if he is 14 and in 8th grade, he is in the “14U” division

CCLA will not entertain age exception requests for 15 year olds.

At each club’s discretion, it is acceptable for a boy to “play up.”

CCLA does not allow boys to “play down” in travel divisions.

by posted 07/06/2017

by posted 06/01/2016
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