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The master schedule for the Spring 2018 season will be available on or about March 23.  It will be posted on this web site.  

The CCLA 2018 regular season will run from April 2-May 24.  Spring Break is March 24-April 1, during which there will be no games.  There will be no games scheduled during May 26-28 (Memorial Day Weekend).  May 25 & May 29 are reserved for last minute make-up games.  In general, each travel team will play 10-12 regular season games.  Following the regular season, playoffs for the 12A, 12B, 14A & 14B divisions will take place from May 30-June 6.

In general, each team will play 2 games per week ... except 10S teams will play in 4-team round robin mini-tournaments on selected Sunday afternoons, and 12C teams will play only on Saturdays.
10F teams play on a full field Wednesdays & Saturdays
10S teams play on a short field Sundays in round robin mini-tournaments

12A teams play Tuesdays & Saturdays
12B teams play Mondays or Wednesdays & Saturdays
12C teams play on Saturdays
14A & B teams play Thursdays & Saturdays
There will be some exceptions to the above.  For example, occasionally it is necessary to play a game on a Friday evening or Sunday afternoon ... this is usually because we try to minimize long trips to away games on school nights.

It is every program’s responsibility to play each league game as originally scheduled. Virtually the only acceptable reason for canceling and rescheduling a game is inclement weather.  Programs are expected to work their non-league game & tournament schedule around their CCLA schedule; not the other way around.
Rescheduling games is an imposition for coaches, players, parents and referees.  CCLA has implemented a process that, if followed by each league representative, can minimize rescheduled games.
Program representatives are given the months of January and February each year to check academic calendars, church calendars, etc. and inform the league about class trips, dances, concerts, tournaments, confirmations and other potentially conflicting events. These conflicting events are easily scheduled around if the league is notified before the scheduling process begins in early March.
OK, the schedule is out and the season has begun ...

What if my best player is going away on vacation on game day?  Play the game as originally scheduled.

What if the head coach has to leave town on business that day?  Play the game as originally scheduled. An assistant or a coach from another team can handle it.
What if I have 3 players home sick that day?  Play the game as originally scheduled.  Although not optimal, during the regular season you may borrow age/skill appropriate players from another team if necessary to field a team.

What if the weather looks bad and I don’t want to make the long trip to Collegeville?  It’s not your call;  it is the home team’s call.  Play the game as originally scheduled.

What if I just found out there is a big school concert the same evening as our game?  Play the game as originally scheduled with the boys that aren't in the concert.  Although not optimal, during the regular season you may borrow age/skill appropriate players from another team if necessary to field a team.

What if my goalie can't make the game?  In that case, some lucky young man is going to have his lifelong dream of playing in goal become reality.  Play the game as originally scheduled.
Why the hard line on non-weather related rescheduling?
  • The boys look forward to these games.  The sun is out, they are pumped to play, and someone inexplicably cancels the game … this reflects poorly on CCLA.

  • Rescheduling takes up a ton of time and is an imposition for all involved.

  • We want to make CCLA games a desirable destination for referees.  If our schedule is a perpetual moving target and refs can’t count on those games, we are not a desirable destination and quality will suffer.

  • Parents appreciate having a schedule well in advance so they can plan their lives.

  • Allowing coaches free reign to reschedule games for any reason they deem appropriate is a recipe for abuse.

It is not CCLA's intention to be completely inflexible in these matters.  On those rare occasions when unforeseeable circumstances arise and rescheduling appears to be the only viable solution, please seek your CCLA representative's approval prior to initiating the process.