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Founded in 1998, CCLA is a non-profit organization devoted to promoting educational, recreational and competitive lacrosse activities for elementary & middle school boys in Southeastern Pennsylvania.

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CCLA is adopting some major changes for the 10U (formerly U11) division in 2018.

The 10U level will have two subdivisions:

"10F" teams will play 10 v. 10 on a full field with the same rules used for U11 last season.  These boys will play a 10 game regular travel season schedule as before, with games generally scheduled on Wednesdays and Saturdays.  As before, we will do our best to schedule the longer distance games on Saturdays.  This subdivision is for experienced players.

"10S" teams will play 7 v. 7 on a short field with special tournament rules.  These boys will play in Sunday afternoon round-robin tournaments, during which they will play 3 back-to-back games (20 minute running time halves).  This new format has been designed for young players with two primary objectives: to have fun, and to learn the basics of lacrosse by maximizing touches!  Our hope is they leave each tournament exhausted with a smile on their face!  

It is up to each member program how many 10F and 10S teams they will field.  10F teams will be obligated to play the full 10 game regular season schedule.  Before the season begins, each 10S team will declare how many of the 7 Sunday afternoon tournaments they wish to commit to.


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At its June 2017 meeting, the CCLA Board of Directors voted to adopt the new US Lacrosse youth age brackets beginning with the Spring 2018 season.

Accordingly, the sole determinant of the Spring 2018 CCLA travel division a boy will play in is his AGE ON AUGUST 31, 2017.

  • If he is 8 or 9 on that day, he is in the “10U” division
  • If he is 10 or 11 on that day, he is in the “12U” division
  • If he is 12 or 13 on that day, or if he is 14 and in 8th grade, he is in the “14U” division

CCLA will not entertain age exception requests for 15 year olds.

At each club’s discretion, it is acceptable for a boy to “play up.”

CCLA does not allow boys to “play down” in travel divisions.

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